3D Product Representation

The following are 3D product representations using various 3D scanning, photogrammetry, 3D modeling and programming methods.

My first patented invention (Patent Number: US 9,919,193 B2). Originally called Battle Pong. The invention is table tennis with wings. Ping pong balls can ricochet off of the wings adding a new dimension of play. Additionally there are inserts at the ends of the table. Two tables can be placed end to end with inserts removed, enabling a third player to step into the center of the tables and play against two opponents at the tables ends. To obtain the right to manufacture and sell you must first obtain a license. Visit https://www.primeyoullc.com/contact/ , fill in the required fields, and mention “Ping Pong Table License” in the Custom Text Area. Thank you for your interest.

Table Tennis is one of the most fun and challenging sports in the world.  Enjoyed by people of all backgrounds and abilities, this unique version of table tennis is suitable for the novice and expert player alike.  Now table tennis enters a new dimension of play with the addition of wings along the length of the table which can be angled or rest flat (for an eating or work surface).  Eat, Work, Play, and most importantly, Enjoy!

Display your product in a similar manner to the one below.

As you can see in the previous example the product/object (this case a dictionary on architecture), appears to rotate but in actuality the viewing camera is rotating around the object.  You can zoom in and out with the mouse or pinch gesture.  If you click or tap on the object, it redirects you to a product purchasing page (or webpage of your choosing).  This is very useful if you are looking to display a product with unique features that can be explained better when viewing from multiple angles.